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waste incinerators and sewage treatment equipment, good helpers for villages

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If rural domestic garbage and production and domestic sewage are discharged at will without treatment, water sources will be polluted to varying degrees.The use of waste incinerators and domestic sewage treatment equipment may be a good solution worth considering!
If rural domestic garbage and sewage are untreated and discharged at will, they will cause great pollution to water source and living environment. How to deal with domestic waste and sewage has become a difficult problem for many villages.The use of waste incinerators and domestic sewage treatment equipment may be a good solution worth considering!
Advantages of domestic waste incinerators:
1. The appearance is relatively small and does not take up space, the operation is very simple, and the operating cost is extremely low;
2. The high temperature can be as high as 850 degrees during incineration, which is enough to deal with all kinds of rural domestic waste;
3. The advanced combustion process conducts deep incineration of the exhaust gas and dust, and finally makes the exhaust gas meet the relevant standards, and the whole process is smoke-free and odor-free.
4. Relatively compact appearance and process design, its cost is also more affordable

holy shield domestic waste incinerators

Advantages of domestic wastewater treatment equipment:
1. The floor area is small, the equipment is buried in the ground, and the ground above the equipment can be used for greening or other land, without the need for building houses, heating and heat preservation.
2. The system adopts an integrated combination method, all process sections and equipment rooms are all integrated in the equipment, which is convenient for installation, construction and maintenance.

3. The entire equipment processing system is equipped with a fully automatic electrical control system and equipment failure alarm system, which is safe and reliable in operation. Usually, no special person is required to manage it, but the equipment needs to be maintained and maintained in a timely manner.

holy shield sewage treatment equipmentHoly Shield is a powerful manufacturer integrated with production、science and research. We have been producing and developing waste treatment equipment for 15 years. Our products include incinerators, sewage treatment equipment and other equipment. The waste treatment effect is excellent and can better meet local discharge requirements. At present, we have served 1000+ enterprises and have rich project experience.

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