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Municipal/domestic Waste Incinerator
Municipal/domestic Waste Incinerator
Structure: vertical
Equipment area (㎡): 80-200 (customizable)
Power (kw): 8.26-24.5 (customizable)
Chimney (mm): Φ325*12m-Φ425*12m (customizable)
Weight (kg): 7500-14500 (customizable)
Operating voltage V: 380 (customizable)
Industrial Waste Incinerator
Industrial Waste Incinerator
Structure: Horizontal
Dimension(mm): 900*600*700-3000*1750*1710 (customizable)
Power (kw): 0.44-3.34 (customizable)
Chimney (mm): Φ140*6m-Φ620*6m (customizable)
Domestic sewage treatment equipment-1
Domestic sewage treatment equipment-1
Choose the appropriate treatment process and related equipment according to the waste water volume and water quality. Ensure that the sewage can be effectively treated to reach the discharge standard, and it can save energy consumption and economic investment.
industrial wastewater treatment equipment
industrial wastewater treatment equipment
The pollution hazards caused by industrial wastewater to the environment, and the prevention and control measures that should be taken, depend on the characteristics of industrial wastewater, that is, the type, nature and concentration of pollutants. The water quality characteristics of industrial wastewater vary not only according to the type of wastewater, but often change with time and place.
hospital sewage treatment equipment
hospital sewage treatment equipment
The main sources of sewage in medical institutions are sewage discharged from operating rooms, radiology departments, pathology departments, laboratory departments, inpatient departments, laundry rooms, restaurants, and toilets in hospitals. Wastewater contains a large number of bacteria, viruses and other toxic and harmful substances. If the discharge does not meet the standard, it is easy to have an impact on the ecological environment.

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Happy Mother's Day : Holy Shield Sends Flowers to Moms!

Release date:May 11,2022 Source:Holy Shield Pageviews:-
The day before yesterday was the annual Mother's Day, and Holy Shield prepared beautiful carnations for the company's mothers. Thank them for not only playing the role of omnipotent mothers at home, but also doing their due diligence in the company and making efforts for the company's growth.

On May 8, the annual Mother's Day, Holy Shield prepared beautiful carnations for the company's mothers.Thank them for not only playing the role of omnipotent mothers at home, but also doing their due diligence in the company and making efforts for the company's growth.Moms from holy shield

"In previous years, I spent Mother's Day with my family. We would go shopping, buy new clothes, and then have a good meal. Joining Holy Shield this year, I feel like I have joined a bigger family, everyone. Working together, working hard, laughing together, working together, and living together, I am very happy and moved.” A newly hired mother also expressed her gratitude to the company.
Mother, a great word that is difficult to describe in words, she is the one who gave us life. When we encountered difficulties, she always helped us selflessly, and when we achieved achievements, she was always silent. Bless us, we have countless gratitude for mothers. I hope that everyone will go home and visit often, listen to mother's reminiscences, beat her shoulders, help her wash the dishes, this may be the best gift for mother.
Finally, on this special day, Holy Shield wishes all mothers in the world, Happy Mother's Day!

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