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Holy Shield customized breeding sewage treatment equipment for Ningxia dairy farm

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The sewage of the farm has a strong odor before treatment, and the toxic and harmful substances in the sewage exceed the standard. Holy Shield is their customized sewage treatment equipment, using sedimentation + physicochemical + biochemical + disinfection process, and the treated sewage reaches direct discharge. The odor of the farm has also been greatly improved.
Project introduction: The sewage treatment capacity is 100m³/d. The untreated aquaculture sewage has a strong odor, and the toxic and harmful substances in the sewage exceed the standard. Through the use of Holy Shield sewage treatment equipment, the sewage has reached the standard of direct discharge, and the odor of the farm has also been greatly improved.
Treatment process: Waste water is collected by the collection pipe network, flows into the primary sedimentation tank by itself, and separates impurities such as feces from the water by a solid-liquid separator. The sewage flows into the regulating tank by itself, and after the regulating tank adjusts the water volume and homogenizes the water quality. Then the sewage pump lifts the dissolved air flotation machine for physical and chemical treatment to remove suspended solids in the water. The effluent enters the intermediate pool and then is pumped to the biochemical equipment to remove BOD5, COD, NH3-N and other indicators, and the effluent reaches the standard.
Product Overview: Mainly used for the separation and removal of fine suspended solids with a density close to water. It can remove BOD5, COD, NH3-N and other indicators and the effluent water reaches the standard. It occupies a small area, low energy consumption, convenient installation and transportation; automatic control, no need Specialized management of personnel, easy operation, good effect and long service life.
Material: carbon steel anti-corrosion or stainless steel
Processing capacity: 10-5000 m³/d
Power: 1-25kw
Custom processing: Yes
Sewage type: farming wastewater
Processing scale: 150m³/d
Emission Standard: Irrigation
Project address: Wuzhong, Ningxia

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Holy Shield is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise integrating wastewater treatment production, learning, and research, and has won more than 30 patents. We are now the teaching practice base of Qingdao University of Science and Technology, the scientific research transformation base of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and the production, study and research base of Yunnan University.
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