Farming wastewater treatment equipment

Farming sewage mainly includes urine, feed residues, residual manure and washing water, and in some places it also includes domestic wastewater generated during the production process. It is a high-concentration organic sewage with a large content of suspended solids and ammonia nitrogen. After this untreated sewage enters the natural water body, the content of suspended solids, organic matter and microorganisms in the water increases, changes the physical, chemical and biological composition of the water body, and deteriorates the water quality.
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Farming wastewater treatment solutions

Choose the appropriate treatment process and related equipment according to the waste water volume and water quality. Ensure that the sewage can be effectively treated to reach the discharge standard, and it can save energy consumption and economic investment.

Farming wastewater treatment solutions

Part of the required equipment
Buried integrated sewage treatment equipment
Buried integrated sewage treatment equipment
  • The deodorization method of the buried domestic sewage treatment equipment adopts conventional high-altitude exhaust, and is also equipped with soil deodorization measures. The product has a high removal rate of organic matter and can improve the solubility of oxygen in the air in water.
  • Product features: ● Buried below the ground surface, the ground surface above the equipment can be used as greening or other land, without the need for building, heating, and insulation. ● The entire equipment processing system is equipped with a fully automatic electrical control system and equipment failure alarm system, which is safe and reliable in operation
Buried integrated sewage treatment equipment
Dissolved air flotation machine
  • The air flotation method is the dissolved air water produced by the dissolved air system. It is mainly used for the separation and removal of fine suspended matter with a density close to water.
  • Product features:● Small footprint, low energy consumption, convenient installation and transportation. ● High degree of automation, convenient operation and simple management. ● High dissolving gas efficiency and stable treatment effect.
Inclined tube precipitator
Inclined tube precipitator
  • The inclined plate (tube) sedimentation tank is an efficient combined sedimentation tank designed according to the theory of shallow pool sedimentation; a lot of dense inclined pipes or inclined plates are set in the settlement area to make the suspended impurities in the water settle in the inclined plate or inclined tube.
  • Product features: ● Simple structure, no wearing parts, durable and less maintenance. ● Stable operation and easy operation. ● Less power and energy saving. ● It occupies a small area, low investment, quick launch and high efficiency. ● The residence time is short, the precipitation effect is high, the treatment efficiency is high, the aeration intensity is low, and there is no need for sludge backflow.
Compliance requirements

Hongli Shengde aquaculture wastewater treatment program and equipment can meet the following standards:

"Emission Standard of Pollutants for Livestock and Poultry Breeding Industry" GB18596-2001
GB/T 25499-2010 Urban Wastewater Reclamation, Green Land Irrigation Water Quality
"Emission Standard of Pollutants for Urban Sewage Treatment Plants" GB18918-2002

According to customer requirements, the design process can meet local standards

Hongli Shengde

Provide personalized sewage solutions for free

And give free high-concentration biological inoculants to speed up the effect of sewage treatment!

Why choose Hongli Shengde's Farming sewage treatment equipment?
Small footprint

Small footprint

Sewage treatment equipment can be installed on the ground or buried underground. When buried in the ground, the upper cover can be used for greening, with less floor space and fewer ground structures.

Smooth operation

Smooth operation, meeting emission standards

Strictly implement various international environmental protection regulations to ensure that the effluent indicators meet the local pollutant discharge standards.

High degree of automation

High degree of automation, easy to operate

Automatic control system, temperature setting, automatic temperature control, digital display The product is easy to operate and easy to use.

Free installation and commissioning

Free installation and commissioning, lifetime service

We have a mature technical team to provide you with installation and commissioning guidance services, Porvide product service life maintenance service.

One-stop service, give you peace of mind, effort, and money
  • Technical Consultation
  • Construction site exploration
  • Water quality testing
  • Design process plan
  • Customized complete
  • Detailed marking of civil engineering
    drawing design
  • Equipment installation
    and debugging
  • Civil Construction

Technical Consultation

To understand water quality discharge requirements in multiple dimensions, to help you perform personalized technical diagnosis, and analyze the reasons why the current water quality exceeds the standard.


Construction site exploration

Provide free engineer survey service, and understand the needs and problems of the construction site through remote video.


Water quality testing

Your company sends raw water to our factory to conduct a full set of laboratory tests on the raw water and analyze the water quality components.


Design process plan

According to the experimental results, the processing process is designed to plan the process flow, which is more in line with individual needs.


Customized complete equipment

According to the designed reasonable process, the manufacturer directly customizes the complete set of sewage treatment equipment, which has more stable performance and lower cost.


Detailed marking of civil engineering drawing design

Help the construction personnel to be familiar with the equipment installation characteristics, technical quality requirements, and construction techniques to ensure installation accuracy.


Equipment installation and debugging

Experienced engineers remotely carry out technical guidance equipment installation and commissioning.


Civil Construction Guidance

Remote or video explanation guides civil construction to ensure that it meets the overall sewage treatment needs.

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