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  • food industry wastewater treatment equipment food industry wastewater treatment equipment E-mail food industry wastewater treatment equipmentThe characteristics and hazards of food industry wastewater: The food industry wastewater has the characteristics of large amount of wastewater, high content of organic matter and suspende...
  • slaughter sewage treatment equipment slaughter sewage treatment equipment E-mail slaughter sewage treatment equipmentThe main source of slaughter wastewater is a series of sewage discharged from the slaughter process, including: post-slaughter washing, disintegration washing, viscera washing, floor washi...
  • industrial wastewater treatment equipment industrial wastewater treatment equipment E-mail industrial wastewater treatment equipmentThe pollution hazards caused by industrial wastewater to the environment, and the prevention and control measures that should be taken, depend on the characteristics of industrial wastewat...
  • Domestic sewage treatment equipment Domestic sewage treatment equipment E-mail Domestic sewage treatment equipmentChoose the appropriate treatment process and related equipment according to the waste water volume and water quality. Ensure that the sewage can be effectively treated to reach the dischar...
  • Farming wastewater treatment equipment Farming wastewater treatment equipment E-mail Farming wastewater treatment equipmentFarming sewage mainly includes urine, feed residues, residual manure and washing water, and in some places it also includes domestic wastewater generated during the production process. It ...
  • hospital sewage treatment equipment hospital sewage treatment equipment E-mail hospital sewage treatment equipmentThe main sources of sewage in medical institutions are sewage discharged from operating rooms, radiology departments, pathology departments, laboratory departments, inpatient departments, ...
  • Municipal/domestic Waste Incinerator Municipal/domestic Waste Incinerator E-mail Municipal/domestic Waste IncineratorStructure: vertical
    Equipment area (㎡): 80-200 (customizable)
    Power (kw): 8.26-24.5 (customizable)
    Chimney (mm): Φ325*12m-Φ425*12m (customizable)
    Weight (kg): 75...
  • Industrial Waste Incinerator Industrial Waste Incinerator E-mail Industrial Waste IncineratorStructure: Horizontal
    Dimension(mm): 900*600*700-3000*1750*1710 (customizable)
    Power (kw): 0.44-3.34 (customizable)
    Chimney (mm): Φ140*6m-Φ620*6m (customizable)
  • Animal/pet incinerator Animal/pet incinerator E-mail Animal/pet incineratorStructure: Horizontal
    Dimensions (mm): 1080*680*700-2850*1750*1720 (customizable)
    Power (kw): 0.44-3.51 (customizable)
    Chimney (mm): Φ140*6m-Φ620*6m (customizable)
  • Horizontal medical waste incinerator Horizontal medical waste incinerator E-mail Horizontal medical waste incineratorStructure: Horizontal
    Dimensions (mm): 900*600*700-3000*1750*1710 (customizable)
    Power (kw): 0.44-3.34 (customizable)
    Chimney (mm): Φ140*6m-Φ620*6m (customizable)