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Why was this industrial waste incinerator chosen by a Japanese company?

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Sakata Ink Group chose Hongli Shengde industrial waste incinerator HLPG-500-2 to solve their concern about the harmless treatment of paint waste during the production process. Type of garbage: The harmless treatment of paint residue to paint garbage.
Product model: Industrial waste incinerator HLPG-500-2
Type of garbage: paint residue
Processing scale: 300 kg
Emission standard: smokeless and tasteless
Project background: Sakata Ink Group has made great contributions to the development of the printing information industry in a century of history. In the new 100 years of the century, as our great mission, the group will strive for excellence in the technology accumulated so far, and make greater contributions to the technological innovation of the printing information industry.

At the same time, as the "Environmental Sakata Ink", in all business activities. Consider the management of the company with the environment as the center. But the glamorous background is hard to say because it has been plagued by waste paint. In the production process, there will inevitably be a lot of paint waste until the boss sees Zhucheng's industrial waste incinerator on the Internet, and this problem is solved. Industrial waste incinerators are used to centrally process paint waste to achieve harmless treatment of paint waste.

industrial waste incinerator

Hongli Shengde industrial incinerator has the following characteristics:
1. Smokeless and tasteless, meeting emission standards
The emission from the incinerator is smokeless and odorless, with no smoke and odor, meeting the emission standard, and the emission standard meeting the national emission standard
2. High temperature pyrolysis gasification technology
New high-temperature pyrolysis gasification technology, high-temperature incineration treatment, safe and pollution-free
3. Simple structure and easy operation
Automatic control system, temperature setting, automatic temperature control, digital display The product is easy to operate and easy to use
If you also have problems with pollution disposal, you are welcome to get in touch with us. We have a professional R&D team and technical personnel to provide you with tailor-made waste treatment solutions.
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