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Q&As About Animal Incinerators

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On the following questions: Why do sick and dead animals need animal incinerators; why choose Holy Shield animal incinerators; where will they be used?
Q: Why do sick and dead animals need animal incinerators
A: The government will strictly require animal farms to carry out harmless treatment of sick and dead animals. The existing treatment methods of dead animals are mainly landfill method, chemical method, fermentation method and incineration method. Comparing these four types of technologies, the landfill method is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and if it is not handled properly, it will also cause potential safety hazards. The equipment required by chemical production method and fermentation method is too professional and not suitable for small and medium-sized farms. In general, incineration is the correct answer to the problem of dead animals.
Q: Why choose Holy Shield animal incinerator?
A: Holy Shield environmental protection animal incinerator The animal incinerator adopts high-temperature pyrolysis gasification technology, which can make the incineration process smokeless and tasteless, and the flue gas emission meets the national emission standards. It is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized farms to deal with sick and dead animals. The treatment scope includes dead chickens, ducks, pigs, cattle and sheep.

Holy Shield animal incinerator

Q: Where else will animal incinerators be used?
A: In addition to animal incinerators used in farms to deal with dead animals, there are also animal incinerators that can be used in slaughterhouses and laboratories to dispose of animal residues in slaughterhouses, as well as laboratory mice.
If you are not sure whether your animal handling meets environmental protection requirements, please leave a message below, and we will give you solutions and quotations within 24 hours.
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