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industrial wastewater treatment equipment
industrial wastewater treatment equipment
The pollution hazards caused by industrial wastewater to the environment, and the prevention and control measures that should be taken, depend on the characteristics of industrial wastewater, that is, the type, nature and concentration of pollutants. The water quality characteristics of industrial wastewater vary not only according to the type of wastewater, but often change with time and place.
Farming wastewater treatment equipment
Farming wastewater treatment equipment
Farming sewage mainly includes urine, feed residues, residual manure and washing water, and in some places it also includes domestic wastewater generated during the production process. It is a high-concentration organic sewage with a large content of suspended solids and ammonia nitrogen. After this untreated sewage enters the natural water body, the content of suspended solids, organic matter and microorganisms in the water increases, changes the physical, chemical and biological composition of the water body, and deteriorates the water quality.
hospital sewage treatment equipment
hospital sewage treatment equipment
The main sources of sewage in medical institutions are sewage discharged from operating rooms, radiology departments, pathology departments, laboratory departments, inpatient departments, laundry rooms, restaurants, and toilets in hospitals. Wastewater contains a large number of bacteria, viruses and other toxic and harmful substances. If the discharge does not meet the standard, it is easy to have an impact on the ecological environment.

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Holy Shield-Daze join hands to organize network marketing exchange meeting

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On July 9, 2021, Holy Shield followed the footsteps of network-wide marketing and organized a network-wide marketing exchange meeting with Jiangsu Daze Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology.
On July 9, 2021, Holy Shield followed the footsteps of network-wide marketing and organized a network-wide marketing exchange meeting with Jiangsu Daze Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology.

holy shield Mr. Li meeting share

Mr. Li first shared his gains since he participated in the Shanren network marketing course, and exchanged and shared the landing results, and then expressed his support and expectations for the upcoming network marketing landing work of Daze.
After a brief introduction of personnel, the two companies exchanged and discussed the difficulties and doubts encountered in the daily work of network marketing. People from both companies who are responsible for the same positions will connect with each other, so that everyone can start brainstorming and answer questions more efficiently.

Holy Shield-Daze network marketing exchange meeting

During the exchange, Mr. Li gave his own suggestions on the construction of the website details page, the expansion of marketing and promotion channels, and how to improve the conversion rate. Mr. Li also said that as a member of the network marketing tide, we must make bold attempts in the early stage and accumulate results, and strive to realize the transformation from traditional marketing to full-staff and whole-network marketing, so as to bring stronger growth to the company.
The exchange meeting soon came to an end, and every participant said that they had gained a lot from this exchange meeting. This exchange meeting not only allowed employees to find answers to the problems they encountered at work, but also encouraged everyone's confidence in network marketing work.

Holy Shield-Daze join group photo

Holy Shield is a professional sewage treatment manufacturer with strong R&D capabilities. We are now the teaching practice base of Qingdao University of Science and Technology, the scientific research transformation base of Shanghai University of Science and Technology, and the production-university-research base of Yunnan University, and have won more than 30 patents. Provide water treatment solutions for living, slaughtering, breeding, food, hospital, industry and other industries.
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