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Holy Shield Signed An Export Agreement For Sewage Treatment Equipment With A Nigerian Company

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This sewage treatment equipment, whether in terms of treatment process or appearance design, meets the daily needs of sewage treatment. It has strong anti pollution ability, low energy consumption and stable operation. You deserve it.

Equipment type:Integrated sewage treatment equipment
Emission standard:into the pipeline network
Project address:Nigeria
Project background:Nigerian customer came to our company two years ago and wanted to buy our animal incinerator.Our foreign trade specialist solved a series of problems raised by customer.Customers not only recognized our products,but also praised our professional foreign trade salesman.A month ago,the customer urgently needed a sewage treatment equipment and found us.Because our company not only specializes in the production of animal incinerators,but also produces sewage treatment equipment.On this basis,the customer and our foreign trade salesman signed a contract within a week.

integrated sewage treatment equipment

Sewage treatment steps:The wastewater is collected by the collection pipe network, enters the grid channel decontamination machine to remove floating debris, and then enters the primary sedimentation tank to remove insoluble sediments. Then enter the regulating tank to regulate the water volume and quality. Then it is lifted by the sewage pump into the anaerobic tank. In this system, the residual pollutants in the wastewater are removed through the adhesion of micro bubbles, and then enter the secondary sedimentation tank. The sludge of primary sedimentation tank and sludge scum of secondary sedimentation tank are discharged into the sludge storage tank, and then enter the disinfection tank for disinfection to meet the discharge standard.

Looking for powerful manufacturers,please recognize Holy Shield.For 16 years,it has been focusing on the R&D and sales of sewage treatment equipment.It has cooperated with more than 1000 enterprises and individuals.Friends in need can call us!

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