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What measures should be taken to corrode the heating surface of the waste incinerator?

Release date:Nov 02,2021 Source:Holy Shield Pageviews:-
The high temperature corrosion of the high temperature pyrolysis gasifier greatly increases the corrosion rate of the metal materials of the high temperature components, which seriously threatens the safe operation of the boiler. Hongli Shengde provides several countermeasures for you

After garbage is incinerated, the generated flue gas contains acidic corrosive gases such as HCI, NOx, SO2, and the characteristics of the heating surface of the waste incineration waste heat boiler. The superheater is generally arranged horizontally and easily adheres to the superheater tube. Surface, reduce the heat exchange effect, cause the flue gas temperature to be higher, and cause high-temperature corrosion.

Hongli Shengde's countermeasures for waste incinerators

High-temperature corrosion analysis and hazards of high-temperature pyrolysis gasifier:

After the oxide film on the heating surface of waste incineration is destroyed by acid gas, the exposed iron (Fe) is more susceptible to corrosion, and the corrosion reaction on the heating surface will continue. And as the temperature of the tube wall rises, the reaction becomes more violent. In the waste incinerator, due to the high content of chlorine (Cl) in the fuel, compared with coal-fired oil-fired boilers, more low-melting molten salt corrosive substances are generated during the combustion process, and the degree of corrosion changes more drastically with temperature, which greatly increases the high temperature. The corrosion rate of the metal material of the component.

Data shows that when the tube wall temperature reaches 450°C or higher, the high temperature corrosion of the heating surface of the boiler is intensified. Under the action of high temperature, the metal heating surface is continuously eroded, lost, and thinned, which seriously threatens the safe operation of the boiler. , Will eventually cause the tube to burst and shut down the furnace.

the waste incinerator

Hongli Shengde's countermeasures for waste incinerators:

①Control the combustion, control the furnace temperature, and control the smoke temperature.

②Strengthen soot blowing and improve the heat exchange efficiency of the heating surface.

③Use new high-temperature corrosion-resistant materials.

④Adding additives, such as quicklime, limestone and other substances in the furnace, absorbs corrosive gas HCI, reduces the concentration of corrosive gas in high temperature area, in addition to slowing down high temperature corrosion, it can also form high melting point compounds.

There are a lot of acid gases in the flue gas of waste incineration. The corrosion of the heating surface of the boiler is a long-term research topic. Taking the above measures can alleviate the corrosion rate of the heating surface to a large extent. Hongli Shengde has an experienced technical team to help you solve the problems in the operation of the incinerator and save operating costs to a greater extent. 

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