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This industrial waste incinerator is praised by Yinan Shengyuan

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Project background: Yinan Shengyuan Co., Ltd. specially purchased the industrial waste incinerator of Holy Shield in order to dispose of woven bags and snakeskin bags containing sick and dead animals.
Project background: Yinan Shengyuan Co., Ltd.'s main business is to deal with all kinds of sick and dead animals. In order to deal with woven bags and snake skin bags containing sick and dead animals, Shengyuan’s boss came to the factory for testing and finally reached a cooperation and purchased the industry of Holy Shield industrial waste incinerator.
Garbage type: woven bag snake skin bag
Processing scale: HLPG-50-2 30-50KG/hour
Emission standard: harmless and reduced, smokeless and tasteless, meeting emission standards
Project address: Yinan County, Shandong

Holy Shield industrial incinerator

Holy Shield specialized in manufacturing waste incinerators, is suitable for common household solid waste, industrial solid waste, medical waste and animal carcasses. High temperature treatment, smokeless and tasteless, emission safety up to standard, welcome to purchase!
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