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The significance of rural sewage treatment

Release date:Dec 24,2021 Source:Holy Shield Pageviews:-
In the treatment of rural domestic sewage and the selection of equipment, multiple aspects should be considered in combination with local sewage problems and the ease of equipment automation, such as the technology of the sewage treatment station and the control system of sewage treatment automation equipment.
The environmental problems caused by domestic sewage in rural areas not only cause potential safety problems for water sources in rural areas, but also accelerate water resources crisis, making it difficult to effectively guarantee farmland irrigation, and will have a certain impact on the development of rural residents' lives.
Therefore, in the treatment of rural domestic sewage and equipment selection, the following aspects should be considered in combination with local sewage problems and the ease of equipment automation:
1. The sewage tank of the sewage treatment automation equipment is equipped with an automatic water level control system, which runs automatically at high water levels and stops pumps at low water levels.
2. The fan motors operate alternately and normally, with continuous air supply. The two fan motors can be set to automatically switch time arrangements as required.
3. The sewage treatment station adopts a dual power supply system, and the main process treatment machines and pumps are used alternately, and they are mutually used and prepared to ensure the normal operation of the equipment under normal conditions.
4. The startup, shutdown and conversion of various power equipment are automatically linked by the programmable control module according to the program, and there are automatic and manual control switches on the panel of the frequency conversion control cabinet, which can be converted to manual control when necessary.
5. All electrical devices of sewage treatment automation equipment are installed with short circuit and carrier devices, and indicator lights are installed to show the working status of each electrical device.

sewage treatment automation equipment

Therefore, strengthening the construction of facilities for the collection, treatment and comprehensive utilization of domestic sewage in rural areas to avoid environmental damage to water sources, soil and agricultural products in rural areas caused by the direct discharge of domestic sewage can ensure the safety of water sources in rural areas and the health of rural residents. It is important information for strengthening the construction of basic equipment and implementing the work of village renovation in rural construction.

sewage treatment station

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