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This sewage treatment equipment makes slaughter sewage discharge up to standard

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The slaughtering sewage contains many pathogenic microorganisms, and if it is directly discharged into the river water, it will cause the death of aquatic animals and plants. How to deal with it better, holy shield sewage treatment equipment - "dissolved air flotation machine" debut.
The quality of slaughtering sewage is mostly red and black, and the smell is particularly unpleasant. The sewage contains many pathogenic microorganisms. If it is directly discharged into the river water, the dissolved oxygen content in the river water will be consumed in large quantities, resulting in the death of aquatic animals and plants. The chain reaction will destroy the environment and affect the ecological balance. Could it be that these sewage can't be treated and let the sewage flow freely? Of course not, holy shield sewage treatment equipment - "dissolved air flotation machine" debut.

holy shield sewage treatment equipment

The dissolved air flotation machine has the ability to remove nitrogen and phosphorus, and can treat slaughter sewage by adjusting the structure of the equipment. The materials in the contact oxidation tank are mostly combined soft materials, with light weight, high strength, stable physical and chemical properties, large specific surface area, strong biofilm adhesion, and high contact efficiency between sewage and biofilm. The equipment can increase the submersible pump and reduce the engineering investment. The air flotation machine is also equipped with disinfection equipment in the later stage, which can effectively control the number of bacteria in the sewage, so that every index in the sewage can meet the requirements of the "Water Quality Standards for Sewage Discharge Sewers".

dissolved air flotation machine

Since its establishment, holy shield has been following the corporate philosophy of sewage treatment, which not only ensures the standard of sewage treatment for customers, but also saves cost input. In the future, holy shield will increase investment in sewage treatment, build an environmental protection industry brand, and lead the development of the industry with technology.
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