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Philippine Order!Holy Shield's Medical Waste Incinerator Was Successfully Delivered

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The world epidemic prevention and control situation is still severe, the pressure on the medical industry is unprecedented, and at the same time, a lot of medical waste has been generated, and the medical waste incinerator provides a way to quickly dispose of medical waste, and this medical waste incinerator is a one-stop solution to your worries.
Equipment type: Medical waste incinerator
Equipment material: carbon steel anti-corrosion
Equipment daily processing capacity: 1 tons / day
Equipment process: high-temperature pyrolysis gasification, smokeless and odorless
Project Address: Philippines
Project background: The outbreak of the epidemic has caused great pressure on the economies of various countries, medical personnel and medical institutions have endured a great test, medical institutions will produce a lot of medical waste every day, these medical waste need to be treated in time, otherwise it will cause pollution to the environment, in this case, medical waste incinerators have generated great demand. Filipino customers are in need of a medical waste incinerator to deal with the medical waste generated every day, he found our company through a friend's introduction, a detailed understanding of our products, while our company's foreign trade salesman also solved a lot of customer doubts, customers think that this medical waste incinerator is very in line with his smokeless and odorless needs, very recognized our products, while we also provide free installation and lifelong service, and then signed a contract with our company.

meidical waste incinerator

Project Results: After using our medical waste incinerator, the medical waste generated by the hospital every day has been effectively solved, environmental pollution has been avoided, and the customer is also satisfied with the processing capacity of the incinerator, and feedback is simple to operate and the treatment efficiency is very high.
Under the new crown epidemic, Holy Shield has the courage to assume social responsibility, build an environmental protection industry brand, lead the development of the industry with science and technology, find animal incinerators, and look for Holy Shield!

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