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medical waste incinerator for sale (Don't miss it!)

Release date:Jun 15,2022 Source:Holy Shield Pageviews:-
The HLPG-4 medical waste incinerator produced by Saint Shield is simple in structure and reasonable in design, and is suitable for medical waste treatment in township hospitals or clinics. It can perfectly achieve high temperature inactivation, sterilization, harmlessness and reduction of medical waste.

The HLPG-4 medical waste incinerator produced by Holy Shield has simple product structure and reasonable design, and is suitable for treating medical waste in township hospitals or clinics. Medical waste does not generate nitrogen oxides under anaerobic or anoxic conditions, and the combustible gas is fully decomposed at high temperature in the secondary combustion chamber, so as to achieve high-temperature inactivation, sterilization, harmlessness and reduction of medical waste.

Product Definition:
HLPG-4 medical waste incinerator is a gasification pyrolysis incinerator. It mainly has two incineration chambers, a first combustion chamber and a second combustion chamber. The outer shell is processed and welded with steel plates, and the interior is built with refractory materials. The walls are separated, and in the entire incinerator, the airflow continuously changes its movement direction in the vertical direction, so that the combustible gas and combustible dust particles from a combustion chamber are fully mixed to be completely burned out.
The waste is fed from the upper feeding hopper at the front end of the incinerator through the chute, and the waste is sent to a combustion chamber by the pneumatic furnace door. The top and front parts are blown in, and the large particles are burnt out through the air nozzle installed at the bottom of the furnace before entering the secondary combustion chamber. There are two ash conveyors at the bottom of a combustion chamber, which automatically rotate the garbage and transport the ash to the ash chamber, where it is finally burned into the ash hopper. After the unburned flue gas is mixed at the inlet of the secondary combustion chamber, it is completely burned out in the secondary combustion chamber. The temperature of the primary combustion chamber is 500°C-800°C, the temperature of the secondary combustion chamber is 900°C-1100°C, and the residence time is more than 2 seconds.
Auxiliary burners are installed on the side walls of the first combustion chamber and the second combustion chamber, which are used when the incinerator is started and the calorific value of the waste is low to maintain the furnace temperature.

medical waste incinerator for sale
Applicable Incinerators:
Hospital clinical infectious waste, including waste after surgery or autopsy of patients and waste medical materials contaminated with blood or human body fluids, waste medical instruments and other wastes (such as waste dressings, waste medical gloves, waste syringes, waste infusion sets, waste blood transfusion device, etc.)
Processing Steps:
1. First of all, medical staff should classify and pack medical waste according to the rules.
2. The packaging bag must be dedicated to medical waste. At present, yellow trash cans and garbage bags are common.
3. The garbage bags and containers with medical garbage must be clearly marked on the outside, including the unit, classification, time, etc., and the garbage inside must not be taken out at will.
4. Personnel should put the medical waste transported away in special places such as main traffic lines and residential areas.
5. Place it in a special incineration furnace for incineration treatment, and pay attention to exhaust gas emissions.
If you also have medical waste incinerator needs, please contact us and we will provide you with a solution within 24 hours.

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