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This Hospital waste incinerator perfectly solves the harm of medical waste

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Why use Hospital waste incinerator for medical waste? Because the medical waste generated in the hospital is very harmful: 1, endanger human health and safety
Why use Hospital waste incinerator for medical waste? Because the medical waste generated in the hospital is very harmful:
1.endanger human health and safety
Abandoned medical equipment may damage or cut the human body, and medical waste carrying pathogenic microorganisms can cause the spread of infectious diseases. The harm to people's health cannot be ignored. If medical waste cannot be disposed of in a timely and correct manner, the consequences will be would be unimaginable.
Because medical waste contains many pathogenic microorganisms and is often a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, and mice, these pathogenic bacteria can be transmitted to humans through organisms living in the garbage. Moreover, medical waste may also contain There are harmful substances such as chemical pollutants and radioactivity, which are extremely harmful.
2. Pollution of the environment
The open-air stacking of medical waste can produce a large amount of ammonia, sulfide and other harmful gases, which will seriously pollute the atmosphere, and the polychlorinated biphenyls and dioxins emitted by the decomposition of the waste are also carcinogens. Because of the existence of medical waste The leachate produced by pathogens, heavy metals and organic pollutants through rainwater and biological hydrolysis can cause serious pollution to surface water and groundwater. , it will lead to the accumulation and pollution of heavy metals in the soil, and if the medical waste is not handled properly, it can also cause secondary pollution to the environment.
Therefore, we need a waste incinerator that can realize the reduction, harmlessness and recycling of hospital waste. This Hospital waste incinerator produced and developed by Holy Shield can perfectly meet these requirements. The equipment can process these harmful substances and can also discharge the flue gas up to the standard. The core of flue gas processing is to deal with dioxins in the exhausted flue gas. The temperature of a combustion chamber can reach about 550 degrees Celsius to 850 degrees Celsius, and the combustible gas Peroxygen combustion is used in the secondary combustion chamber, which can control the temperature of the gas between 850 degrees Celsius and 1200 degrees Celsius, and the residence time can be longer than 2 seconds. very little residue.

Hospital waste incinerator

In addition, Holy Shield waste incinerator can also support customer customization. Corresponding to the needs of customers, we can help customers choose the incinerator that suits them, and they can also try burning and testing!
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