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For waste paint treatment, Belcon recommends this “industrial waste incinerator“

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In the production process of Guangdong Belcome Early Childhood Education Facilities Co., Ltd., it is inevitable that there will be a lot of paint waste. The industrial waste incinerator of Holy Shield is used to concentrate the treatment of paint waste, so as to achieve harmless and reduced treatment of paint waste and solve the problem of waste paint residue.
Background of the project:

Guangdong Belcome Early Childhood Education Facilities Co., Ltd. was established on November 26, 2010. Its business scope includes the research and development, production, sales, installation, construction and maintenance of kindergarten and school supporting facilities. The products include children’s furniture, toys, children’s playground equipment, and rubber floors. Mat, plastic track, plastic playground, fitness equipment, sports equipment, cultural and educational supplies, teaching equipment, artificial turf, plastic supplies, etc. Guangdong Belcome has been troubled by the waste paint problem until the owner of Belcome saw the information of Holy Shield's industrial waste incinerator on the Internet, and got a reply that the Holy Shield's incinerator could handle it perfectly. Due to the epidemic, Mr. Bai, the purchasing manager of Belcome, was inconvenient to visit the factory, so the technical staff of Holy Shield used online video contact to burn paint residue through the factory's test furnace, and verified the Holy Shield industrial waste incineration online. The effect of the furnace. This dispelled Mr.'s worries and chose Holy Shield's industrial waste incinerator, which solved the problem that has plagued the company for many years.

Holy Shield's industrial incinerator

Type of garbage: paint
Processing scale: HLPG-50 industrial waste incinerator
Emission standard: smokeless, tasteless, harmless, and reduce

Project address: Huizhou, Guangdong

Holy shield has a production plant of 13,000 square meters and is a professional solid waste incinerator plant. Provide personalized engineering customization services to meet the incineration needs of various solid wastes (clothing, leather, rubber, woven bags, straw, wheat bran, corn husks, etc.).

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