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Professional Q&A about medical waste incinerator

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As a manufacturer with 16 years of experience in the production and research and development of medical waste incinerator, this article will share with you: what is medical waste incinerator, the principle and combustion process of medical waste incinerator, and related product recommendations

1.What is medical waste incinerator

Medical incinerator is a harmless treatment equipment commonly used in medical waste treatment, such as used blood cotton, needles, disposable syringes and other medical waste. The principle is to use the combustion of coal, fuel oil, gas and other fuels to burn and carbonize the objects to be processed at high temperature to achieve the purpose of disinfection.

2.Principle of medical waste incinerator

The application and development of waste incineration technology has a history of decades, and there are many mature equipment, the principle is basically the same, the medical waste incinerator consists of a waste pretreatment system, an incineration system, a smoke biochemical dust removal system and a gas generator (auxiliary). Ignition incineration) consists of four major systems. The medical waste incinerator integrates automatic feeding, screening, drying, incineration, ash cleaning, dust removal and automatic control. The medical waste incinerator adopts high-tech measures of high temperature combustion, secondary oxygenation, and automatic slag discharge to meet the monitoring requirements of sewage.

medical waste incinerator

3.The process of medical waste incinerator

The material is fed into the primary combustion chamber, and is ignited and burned by an ignition temperature-controlled burner. According to the principle of combustion three T (temperature, time, and eddy current), the material is fully oxidized, pyrolyzed, and burned in the primary combustion chamber, and the generated residual flue gas enters the secondary combustion. The room is oxidized at high temperature to achieve the effect of no peculiar smell and no black smoke, and then after dust removal, the safe gas is introduced into the chimney and discharged into the atmosphere. The secondary combustion treatment process is adopted, the temperature of the first combustion chamber is 650-800 °C, and the temperature in the secondary combustion chamber is 850-1100 °C, the combustibles are completely ashed, and the volume reduction ratio is ≥97%; . The residence time of flue gas is more than 3 seconds, and the excess gas coefficient is 100%. The eddy current combustion treatment process is adopted. The temperature control system is designed, the operating cost is low, and the use of cooling heat exchangers to cool down can realize resource recovery.

4.Examples of products of medical waste incinerator
China's medical incinerator technology is developing rapidly. Various medical incinerators produced and developed by holy shield comply with the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Solid Waste Environmental Pollution" and the "Medical Waste Management Regulations" promulgated by the state, which can completely kill all kinds of medical incinerators. Bacteria, infectious germs, anthrax, and epidemic viruses can effectively prevent the spread of pollutants attached to medical waste, and play a positive role in preventing the spread of diseases. Click to buy now
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